Chehre – The Dramatics Club of IMNU

ChEhRe- The Dramatics club of IMNU amalgamates a series of events and acts that help its members to hone their management skills. Through the academic year 2018-19 we organized events and acted our way through the hearts of Nirmayans with our performances. While our acts entertain the students and Alumni of Nirma, our inter institute and national events promote the spirit of drama through various competitions.

Filmy Akhada!’ is an event of Chehre: The Dramatics Club of IMNU. This fun filled event refreshes the participants from the monotony of studies. Though organized for fun and entertainment, this event captures the essence of management. Teamwork, Leadership, Time Management and Strategy Formation are few of the aspects of management that the participants applied practically.


An act that won every spectator’s heart, gave goosebumps to many and touched their emotional chords! The performance brought us a learning experience in terms of acting and managing our stage presence through clear visibility and voice modulation.

It is a national-level stage play competition wherein we invite b-schools across India to put forth their best acting talents. Organised under Perspective Richter 10, Rangmanch was organized on December 7, 2018.

It is a national-level street play competition aimed at highlighting the ground level issues of the Indian society. Organised under Perspective Richter 10, Halla Bol too, involves participation from b-schools across India that perform in our campus.

This is the flagship event of Chehre but no less than a festival organized by us. It is a national level short film making competition that invites top colleges and universities from across India to participate and show their mettle in the domain of drama. Every year we launch a theme on which the participating teams are required to submit their creations.

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