Club Fiesta – The Music & Dance Club of IMNU

About the club:

“Club Fiesta- The Music and Dance Club of IMNU” strongly believes in the ideology of crafting the College’s mundane life with colours. Club Fiesta is a pool of Passionate Artists, who are willing to perform and represent the Institute at each and every platform and bring glory to it. We strongly believe that the Truest expression of a People is in its dance and music and are motivated by the fact that it is not the talent but the passion with which we pursue our hobbies. Hence, with the formulation of different events we bring together all the dancers and musicians to a single platform and provide them the opportunity to perform.

The Jam Session is a monthly fun activity conducted by Club Fiesta to help students unwind and make merry. Jam Session starts with the band performance by the music team followed by the dance performance by the Dance team. Then, we open the platform for all the students to perform on the stage. We conclude the event by a Dj music. We conduct 3 to 4 Jam sessions in a year including the one conducted in the Carnival.

This is basically an Instagram event. In which we urge all the management students to give us their one-minute video related to the dance and music which gets uploaded on the Instagram We have three price categories; one for the most liked video including both the dance and music, best music video and the best dance video. The event is conducted as a challenge wherein when the video gets uploaded requesting the next participant to perform on the challenged music or dance.

Every year, we conduct a Dance workshop, wherein we call a renowned tutor to teach the Dance steps to the participants. It is usually a 1-2 days’ event.

This is the Main flagship event conducted by our club. This is a 4-5-day event usually conducted at the end of February. It starts with a Jam Session and then, is being held in the SAC area. The Jam session follows the ritual of a band and dance performance by the members of the Fiesta, then is held open for all the students. The event comes to an end with a DJ night. Then, the next day, we bring a celebrity Dancer or a renowned person to conduct  a workshop which is held for 2 days. The footfalls are highly positive. And this workshop is taken very positively by all the students.

The Last days of the Carnival mainly have competitions of Music and Dance. The Prominent ones are the Battle of Bands and the Dance competitions. The Participation we receive is very high and there is a good amount of Competitive spirit to be witnessed among the Sections and a good amount of Cheering is witnessed.