Las Felicitè

Event Date: April 15th & 16th 2021

The event was organised as a part of the Silver Jubilee celebrations of the Institute of Management, Nirma University. It was a competition based on creativity, designing with message based on IMNU journey. The competition was intra institute and open to all post-graduate (all programmes of IMNU) and undergraduate students.

Las Felicitè was a team-based competition (team size 3), and registrations were invited on a Google Form. The event comprised of three rounds. In first round, participants were asked trivia questions about the institute through an online quiz. Out of the participating teams, 25 teams qualified for the next round. In second round the participants received a gif over WhatsApp, they had to crack this GIF which revealed a number on which they had to text “VIVE LA IMNU” post which they received a Riddle and a PDF, the answer to that riddle was the password for that PDF file. 15 Teams qualified for the next round. In third round, participants were supposed to make a video on a topic relevant to IMNU only. The submissions were evaluated by the judges and the winners were decided accordingly) Acting skills and dialogue delivery.

51 Teams participated in the event and evaluation was done by three judges on the prescribed criteria. Team Dothrakis (Manmohan, Ayush,Dhiraj) was declared the winning team. Revengers (Brishank, Shatakshi, Shivam) was first runner-up. Team Heathens (Sejal, Dhruvangi, Ketan) was second runner-up. The announcement of results was done on all social media platforms.