The Media & PR Committee

We are a medium through which people get to know about the Institute of Management, Nirma University.

We are into developing the Public Relations of the Institute of Management, Nirma University – through the use of numerous platforms- From the most prevalent means of communication, newspapers and news channels, to the Internet via social networking sites

IMNU and others are led to the various webpages on PagalGuy, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and many other pages. So, The Media Committee takes up the responsibility of managing all these platforms- the very first platforms where willing candidates get in touch with the world of IMNU.

We manage the News Coverage of the official events of the Institute- Various conclaves, NICOM, Perspective Richter- 10. This is done by getting in touch with our media contacts in Publication Houses of several National and Local Dailies and T.V. channels.

At the Institute level, we cover events like the Lecture Series, the Nirma Champions League, various events organised by the different clubs of the institute, the several achievements of the students, etc. We spread this news among the students and faculty, through our Blog and Batch mails.

We co-ordinate with every club and committee of the institute; we get to interact with the prospective students, alumni and corporate; we get in touch with professional writers and bloggers; we play on technology and tools used in modern day business communication. From communication skills to marketing skills to managerial skills, it becomes an enriching journey, providing us immense exposure, and above all, a sense of belonging and pride for our institute. We become the bridge between the IMNU planet and the rest of the world!


The Media and PR Committee of the Institute of Management, Nirma University, organized a workshop on writing in association with ‘terribly tiny tales’. The workshop was organised on the October 21, 2018.

The workshop was conducted by Ms. Sanjana Singh, Chief Curator, terribly tiny tales. Ms. Singh shared a few tips on how to write effectively. Besides promoting the ideas in a right manner, making tiny tales also consists of writing with brevity in mind- not to overload the reader with information. Workshops like these are an important part of any student’s life- outside of the academic development, they help the students discover their interests in ways never experienced before.

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