Thespians – Drama Club of BBA

The BBA Drama Club, THESPIANS has never failed to entertain its students by tickling their bones and providing them the best way to use their leisure time from their regular study routines. Its objective is to engage people and arouse their curiosity about theatre and drama. The focus is to let people know how theatre and its aspects are something that are closely related to in their lives. The club also wants to spread the awareness that theatre and drama is so much more than acting. It includes creativity, planning, organising and all the other aspects to make the act look perfect.

X-impressions: One such flamboyant event wherein participation was welcomed in the form of standup, poetry, skit and breaking the nerve-wrecking tension by performing improv. The “cherry on the cake” was “Aap ki Badaulat “- an act intended as a friendly roast of each club and committee which ended up with a loud round of applause and forcing the audience to shed their tears while laughing.

It also organises theater-based events every year in Genesis which is the flagship event of the cultural committee of the Institute of Management, Nirma University. The domain of Thespians is not just restricted to organising events, but also in participating in various other inter- Institute and inter-college where they shine bright as ever. It never fails in participating in the One Act Play organised by Student Welfare Committee every year, making an impact by performing one act plays related to the theme of that particular year. It has also participated in Vishleshan, the flagship event of GLS university. The club believes in sharing knowledge with students of the college, that is why also organise theater-based workshops once a year. The whole motive is to ignite the creativity in people who think they lack it.

“Kalakaar Talks – Season 1” is an initiative taken by Thespians – The BBA Drama Club where guests involved in the field of theatre and filmaking are invited to share their learnings, experience and guidance in the form of a fun question and answer conversation rounds. Season 1 consists of total nine episodes and they are posted on official Instagram handle of Thespians club, ‘’.

“Kalakaar Talks” is a series of interactive podcasts which the members of “Thespians- The BBA Drama Club” are going through with various artists from the world of theatre. These artists are involved in acting, directing, script-writing, content creation etc. The Podcasts involves guests like   Mr. Bhavya Gandhi, Mr. Aniruddha Banarjee, Mr. Karan Vyas and many more. The intent behind arranging these podcasts is to make people aware and provide them with what goes behind the making of these scripts, movies and plays.