BTech-MBA Curriculum


Course Code Course Title
CSI0101 Linear Algebra
CSI0102 English I
CSI0103 Physics
CSI0104 Fundamentals of Programming
CSI0105 Elements of Electrical Engineering


Course Code Course Title
CSI0201 Calculus
CSI0202 Engineering Graphics
CSI0203 English II
CSI0204 Basic Electronics
CSI0205 Structured Programming
Course Code Course Title
CSI0401 Data Structures and Algorithms
CSI0402 Probability and Statistics
CSI0403 Object Oriented Application Development
CSI0404 Principles of Management
CSI0405 Programming with Data Structures
CSI0406 Open Source Laboratory
Internship* (Supplementary Course)
Course Code Course Title
CSI0501 Computer Architecture
CSI0502 Digital Communications
CSI0503 Database Management Systems
CSI0504 Business Communication
CSI0505 PL-SQL Programming
CSI0506 Python Programming
Critical Thinking (Supplementary Course)
Course Code Course Title
CSI0601 Operating Systems
CSI0602 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CSI0603 Software Engineering
CSI0604 Cyber Laws
CSI0605 Computer Networks
CSI0606 Linux Fundamentals
Course Code Course Title
CSI0701 Artificial Intelligence
CSI0702 Machine Learning
CSI0703 Information Security
CSI0704 Software Project Management and Quality Assurance
CSI0705 Web Technologies
Course Code Course Title
CSI0801 Artificial Intelligence
CSI0802 Machine Learning
CSI0803 Information Security
CSI0804 Software Project Management and Quality Assurance
CSI0805 Web Technologies
Course Code Course Title
CSI090X Elective –I *
CSI090X Elective –II *
CSI0920 Computer Engineering Project

Pool of Electives I & Elective II:

Course Code Course Title
CSI0901 Intrusion Detection Systems
CSI0902 Cryptography
CSI0903 Ethical hacking
CSI0904 Big Data Technologies
CSI0905 Data Visualization
CSI0906 Data Privacy
CSI0907 Deep Learning
CSI0908 IoT Analytics
CSI0909 Text Analytics
CSI0910 Software Testing and Validation
CSI0911 Agile Software Development
CSI0912 Microprocessor and Interfacing

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