Alumni Interactions

Alumni meets and interactions are organised every year.  Alumni Meets are usually conducted simultaneously in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore in the last few years. These sessions have been attended by faculty, officers and senior alumni.

Interaction with alumni members is not limited to organised events such as Prathidwani.

Alumini members are also invited to be part of academic area committees that reviews the course curriculum for all the programme. To have an industry and alumni perspective in the selection process of candidates for admission in MBA [FT] Programme, the Institute has involved senior alumni as part of the admission interview panel. Alumni are invited to deliver lectures on a specific topic of their area and also interact with faculty and students. Alumni are also part of Board of Studies and play an important part in designing of the curriculum.

Some alumni are involved with the Institute as visiting faculty. Alumni are an active member of the IMNU Alumni Board and give their inputs in enhancement of Alumni Relations. Alumni Day is organized every year on the first Saturday of October wherein alumni attend in large numbers and revive their old memories. A general body meeting is also held and the feedback of alumni is taken and incorporated wherever possible. Pratidhwani, the Alumni Conclave is organized every year on the first Saturday of February with a specific theme and alumni are invited as speakers.

The Institute has received considerable support from its Alumni in placing our students.  Alumni were directly involved in the recruitment process as a member of the visiting team for campus recruitment.

The mentorship and buddy program is an initiative taken by the Institute to provide the students exclusive access to a robust network of alumni who are eager and willing to share their wisdom and advice about the corporate world. The activities of this program will help prepare our students for a successful future and leave a lasting impact on our campus community. The alumni will also have the opportunity to share their professional and personal experience with the students. The mentorship program will provide a platform to the students through which they can sharpen their skills and competencies by receiving valuable feedback from our base of experienced alumni

The Alumni city meet of 2018 took place on 15th December, 2018 across three cities, Mumbai, Delhi- NCR and Bangalore.