Pratham Parekh, Author at Institute of Management
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Educational Qualification


Research Area

    Sustainable Development, Sociology, Public Policy, Human Development, Urban Sociology, Migration


  • Assistant Professor


  • Department of Undergraduate Studies in Management

General Information

  • UGSM, 12th Floor, E-Block, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat


    Sociology , Public Policy Analysis , Development studies


  • Dr. Pratham Parekh has over 9 years of academic and non-academic experience in policy research, monitoring, and evaluation. He obtained his PhD from the Centre for Studies in Society and Development at the School of Social Sciences, Central University of Gujarat. He has published research papers in international and national ABDC, SOCPUS, and UGC Care- indexed journals and contributed book chapters in various books published by well-known publishers. He is the author of two academically acclaimed scholarly books, "Epistemes of Death" and "Infrastructure Growth & Human Development in Gujarat." Dr. Parekh's interests encompass sociological aspects related to public policy, governance, information technology, data analytics and visualizations, human resources management, labor laws, social policy, gender and women's studies, mythology, medical and health sociology, and development studies. He has worked as a consultant with the Government of Gujarat for over eight years and contributed to 16 policy intervention documents. His contributions to policy & governance in Gujarat have been widely acknowledged and appreciated. He has been appraised by the Government of Gujarat for developing Outcome Budget, Gender Budget, Development Program, SDG monitoring system, and Chief Minister's Dashboard.