Managing Social Projects (MSP)

Business, today, is not just about profits, it weaves into itself the concept of people and society in which it thrives. Taking this maxim ahead, the Institute endeavors to undertake The Social Project, which aims to articulate the idea of developing socially responsible citizens. The course on Managing Social Projects provides students with insights, experiences, and valuable learning about social organizations and NGOs.

The course is immersive in nature, custom designed for students, and is designed in consultation with NGOs. Students are expected to visit project sites of partner social organizations which also requires them to truly imbibe the challenges faces by beneficiaries of these projects. Students gain exposure and develop an understanding of the community/social issues while being exposed to the field of social enterprise and the practices of growing mission-driven ventures that are increasingly gathering the attention of entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists, foundations, and consulting firms across the globe. This initiative helps students too contribute significantly towards the sphere of Corporate Social Responsibility.