Institute of Management welcomes its MBA, MBA (HRM) & Integrated MBA 2021-23 Batch

On July 8, 2021, the new session at the Institute of Management, Nirma University kicked off with a lot of enthusiastic students and motivating faculty for this year’s batch of MBA aspirants. The students of Batch of 2021-23 of MBA, MBA (HRM) & IMBA Programme, attended this inaugural session. The welcome address was delivered by the honourable Dr Subir Verma, Director, Institute of Management, Nirma University. He welcomed the new batch with a lot of optimism and encouragement. Furthermore, Dr Verma spoke on how the students can prepare for the upcoming years to move ahead in their careers. He wisely quoted to the students, “Apart from knowing the context of the business, you should also be well-versed with the enablers of business.” Dr Verma expressed immense pleasure in welcoming the new batch and wished them a productive and fulfilling two years with the Institute.

The Chief Guest for the Inaugural Ceremony, Mr Amit Malik, CEO & Managing Director, Aviva Life Insurance Company India Ltd., then addressed the batch. He shared his own journey and the start of his exceptional corporate career with the students, guiding them in this turning point of their careers. He spoke on how to deal with different challenges in terms of jobs, internships, and goals. “Treat it as a marathon, not a sprint”, he commented, on building a successful career. Mr Malik encouraged students to focus on enhancing their skills, such as understanding the business context, having a clear vision, but building adaptability, embracing the digital, getting comfortable with the metrics, and last but not the least, soft skills. In addition to this, he also gave some great advice to students on coping with the pressure. “Having fun and taking a break is important, normalise failure and do not be afraid to make mistakes, be nice to yourself and respect your mental and physical health, and, lastly, make friends, invest in relationships and uplift others”, and with these amazing pearls of wisdom, Mr Malik concluded his speech.

The session was presided over by the esteemed, Dr Anup K Singh, Director-General, Nirma University. In his address, he welcomed the new batch and gave them valuable advice on how to tackle the next two years of the MBA program, and leave an illustrious legacy for future students.

The vote of thanks was presented by Prof Balakrishnan Unny, Program Chairperson, Institute of Management, Nirma University.

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