Kalakaar Talks – Season 1 by Thespians – The BBA Drama Club

“Kalakaar Talks – Season 1” is an initiative taken by Thespians – The BBA Drama Club where guests involved in the field of theatre and filmaking are invited to share their learnings, experience and guidance in the form of a fun question and answer conversation rounds. Season 1 consists of total nine episodes and they are posted on official Instagram handle of Thespians club, ‘’.

“Kalakaar Talks” is a series of interactive podcasts which the members of “Thespians- The BBA Drama Club” are going through with various artists from the world of theatre. These artists are involved in acting, directing, script-writing, content creation etc. The Podcasts involves guests like   Mr. Bhavya Gandhi, Mr. Aniruddha Banarjee, Mr. Karan Vyas and many more. The intent behind arranging these podcasts is to make people aware and provide them with what goes behind the making of these scripts, movies and plays.

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