Economics and Finance

The genesis of Economics and Finance Area dates back to the establishment of the Institute, itself. Besides core courses, it offers elective courses for Finance Specialisation as well as non-specialisation courses in Economics. Since the inception of the Institute, finance specialisation has maintained either first or second position in terms of student registrations.

Keeping in mind the goals of different stakeholders, the Area has identified varied but mutually supportive aims as listed below.

  • To design and update core and elective courses that can add value to the students, and stay relevant to the needs of corporate world.
  • To ensure the quality of course delivery by subjecting the Course Outlines and Course Rubrics to strict scrutiny in Area Meetings.
  • To offer skill enhancement workshops and certificate courses to students.
  • To empower the students by providing them with a platform for voluntarily organising events such as Budget Analysis, etc. under the auspices of FINESSE Club.
  • To deliberate and decide Thrust Areas of Research in Economics and Finance so as to inculcate research interest in its members. The Thrust Areas of Research include Corporate Finance, Capital Markets, Financial Services, Accounting and Taxation, and Economic Policies.
  • To promote the environment for joint research where two or more Area members resolve to join hands for undertaking research requiring complementary skills.
  • To offer mentoring to newly joined faculty colleagues.