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Information Management

Organisations across industries and sizes rely heavily on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to sustain and gain an edge in today’s dynamic business landscape. In such a context, having access to real-time and comprehensive information resources becomes indispensable. Hence, the Information Management (IM) area aims to equip students with the necessary technical and managerial expertise to excel in their respective fields.

The core courses in different programs provide a strong foundation, while elective courses offer more profound insights into specific domains. To keep pace with the latest industry trends, the IM area regularly incorporates feedback from stakeholders. The widespread adoption of Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud (SMAC) technologies, as well as Industry 4.0, has led the IM area to introduce the Digital Transformation and Analytics (DnA) specialization in various postgraduate programs. This specialization covers critical topics such as Business Intelligence, Data Science, Data Visualization, Process Simulation, Digital Consulting, Big Data, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Social Network Analysis, Cloud Computing, and Python Programming.

Apart from these, the IM area offers other courses such as Digital Transformation, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Process Re-engineering, Technology-Enabled Operations Management, Cyber Security, E-Business Management, and Software Project Management, which allow students to understand the domain of ICT management. To provide a holistic learning experience, the IM area employs various pedagogical tools such as lectures, case studies, simulations, guest sessions, hands-on experience with contemporary proprietary and open-source tools, and videos.

Overall, the IM area is committed to preparing students for a rewarding Techno-Managerial career by offering a diverse range of courses and using innovative pedagogical approaches.