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Organisational Behaviour and Communication

Business is about people and organizations are developed and designed by people to meet human and societal objectives. Human resources are the only competitive advantage an organization has. The ability to lead, manage and develop this human capital is a skill and an attitude which every MBA Graduate needs to possess; communication skills helps one to become a better and a more effective leader and manager. Together these two areas help students to hone their skills and ability to influence others.

OB & Communication Area offers core and elective courses in MBA (Full-Time) Programme; MBA (Family Business & Entrepreneurship) Programme; BBA- MBA Integrated Programme. The Area offers courses to help students understand behaviour at both the individual and organizational levels, thereby, contributing to the foundation, shaping and development of the students. OB & Communication curriculum helps the students by preparing them for their managerial careers and providing them frameworks to identify and analyze human behaviour problems and develop solutions to these problems.

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