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Learning from the new normal

Human nature is to take things casually until they have a fear of losing it; may it be loved ones, relations or their career. Covid 19 has changed our perspective of looking at things. The uncertainty that just came all of a sudden through lockdown, turned our world upside down. Most of us were at war at both the fronts, personal as well as professional. All the family members together under the same roof, which was hardly a weekend routine became 24X7 thing now. The careers which we were so much cautious about became uncertain for most of us. The jobs which could not be done online, were in danger. People associated with the brick and mortar stores, which were closed due to lock down were taken aback by the losses they might have to face due to the sudden lockdown. Soon people shifted to the virtual platform for work and connecting with their loved ones. We started valuing our loved ones, and spent more quality time with them. The uncertain career pushed many of us to learn new skills and update themselves and begin their hobbies again. The elders in the family also tried to get acquainted with the new norms of shopping and connecting with people online. People became more creative in the way they were spending time, many of them learnt cooking and consuming healthy food, learnt and helped in the household chores, and understood that they are not just work, but life skills, which they should know to live an independent life in true sense. Atmanirbhar is something, which everyone wanted to be in true sense.

Now that we have the vaccines out and have reached a stage where we have a hope of getting rid of the Covid-19 and getting back to our normal lives, there are certain good habits developed during the pandemic which I feel, we should not let go, some of them are listed below:

Health First: Good health is one thing, which no money in the world can help us buy. It is both physical and mental health we need to be keep working on. Continuing small things like maintaining the same hygiene level, consuming healthy food, keeping ourselves physically active, meditating and sharing our feelings with loved one and making time for each other can take a long way in living a healthy life.

Basic life skills:  Instead of getting back to the gender stereotypes of household chores being a female?s job, we should understand that they are life skills, and continuing with them, will not only make us more independent but also will help us in bonding more with the family members.

Stay Updated: Learning new skills and keeping ourselves updated with the technology is very important as change is inevitable and the transition can be easy if we keep up with the ongoing things.

Pandemic brought many negative things in our lives, which we with our attitude turned into good habits, and should continue with.

Author Dr Diljeetkaur Makhija, Assistant Professor