Aarohan – The BBA Conclave- 2021- ‘Aayansh – A ray of Reviviscence, Reinvention, and Rebirth’

A pandemic was born almost 2 years ago and the entire world is still facing its repercussions. But the pandemic can only affect the mode of the Conclave, not our spirits and neither our collective will. So we’ll meet you all in the virtual mode again for Aarohan – The BBA Conclave, 2021.

The conclave this year revolves around the theme ‘Aayansh – A ray of Reviviscence, Reinvention, and Rebirth’. Aayansh means the first ray of light. Aarohan this year aims to help us find that ray of light and instill a new feeling of hope & determination in all of us. It aims to provide us with a new outlook because ‘Till the full stop doesn’t come the sentence doesn’t end. This, by all means, isn’t the full stop but just a comma and we hope that through this conclave and the panel of esteemed speakers, all of us can find our true selves, and in turn, revive and reinvent ourselves so we can come back stronger than ever!