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Akshar -The Expert Lecture Series – Mr. R Ramanathan

Open the windows of your creativity and let the opportunities flow into your life. Just grab them as soon as they visit your place.
Todays session with Mr. Ramanan Ramanathan was indeed fruitful. In the lecture, Mr. Ramanathan emphasized various extremely important points. He focused on aspects like how we as youngsters can unleash Innovation and Creativity. This would gift to the world an amazing set of Entrepreneurs. He added that for providing support to such innovative start-up plans, ATAL Incubators have been set up in universities. Incubators will supply the start-ups with all the resources needed right from financial support to promotional support to bring up clients.

He also shared with us the way ATAL Tinkering Labs are shaping the future of India. These labs facilitate the students from class 6th to unleash their creative side. The students are equipped with Do it Yourself kits. These kits are a gift box that has many brilliant surprises to unveil. The students are introduced to the latest technology of AI, 3D printing technology etc. He said that these labs do not give the children marks, but they give them an unlimited joy to unleash a new world of creation.
With this, he also emphasized that this is the era where we have the facilities like sending the message with a click of the mouse and visiting any place around the globe in few hours. He termed this era as the Golden Age. However, he made us realize the importance of integrating Technology with Sustainability. He affirmed that indeed if any start-up which integrates these two components comes up, will definitely yield fruitful results.
To conclude he gave a constructive message that Nothing is far from the truth, no one is a born Innovator, one just needs to break the barriers created by our mind and rediscover the latent
potentials within ourselves. He added that this is important to achieve the 5 pillars of Development as stated by honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The session concluded by responding to the brainstorming and thoughtful questions asked by the students.