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Comic Kala at Institute of Management

Comic Kala was an event conducted by Sumantra- the literary club of IMNU to engage students in superheroes’ comics. It was carved to connect students with literature and thus promote it among the youths. The pre-event was conducted on 4th of September. In pre-event, students played Dart Game in groups of three and winners were rewarded accordingly. The main event consisted of three rounds: first round was a quiz related to different journals of comics, the second round was the enactment of comic heroes in given movie clips, and the third round was creating new superheroes. The second and third rounds were judged by Yashil Shah, super-senior of Sumantra, and Krunal Gohel, runs a start-up in digital marketing, to ensure impartiality and unbiasedness in the results.

In the second round, every group was shown one short clip of a famous Hindi movie and asked to get into the shoes of any of their favourite superhero characters to perform the clip they were shown. The Hindi movie clip was shown to the entire audience to help them connect with what the participants were performing.
In the third round, the participants were given an opportunity to create their own superhero. Ten superhero attributes were shown and participants were asked to enlist at least these ten attributes of the superhero they?ve created.
The winning team was Team Point Break whose members were Omkar Khandekar, Karan Gulia, and Divyesh Jain.

For all the DC, Marvel and other comic fanatics, Sumantra, the Literary Club of IMNU organized Comickala- relive the thrill comics. The students tested their knowledge about the comic world and ultimately ended up creating their own super heroes with creative superpowers. The students participated with great zeal and enjoyed the event.