Ignus 4.0 hosted by Clique, the IT club of IMNU

Clique, the IT club of IMNU successfully organized Ignus 4.0– a game to test wit of participants on 8th August 2019. The students participate in a team of two. The main idea behind the event was to assess the brand awareness & bidding skills of the participants and give an overall fun and learning experience. The event had three rounds. The first round was to identify brand logos of various companies. The second round was a game in which teams had to match a selected company to its respective industry. The event concluded by a competition which tested bidding skills of the participants. The event was more of a fun experience with lots of learning and strategic planning involved. The winners of various competitions took back a lot of goodies and exciting prizes. Ignus 4.0 was appreciated as everyone had a great experience being a part of it.