Webinar on “India’s relations with West Asia and Africa and Emerging Geopolitical challenges” by H.E Ambassador Mahesh Sachdev

Ambassador Mahesh Sachdev retired from the prestigious Indian Foreign Service (IFS) in October 2013. His 35-year diplomatic career included three Ambassadorial assignments spanning 11 years to Algeria, Norway and Nigeria – all major oil exporters. Nearly half of his diplomatic career was spent dealing with the Arab World. He is currently President of two institutions: UAE – India Business Council and Eco-Diplomacy & Strategies. He is also a Consultant to Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi. Amb. Sachdev has authored two well received books, titled “Nigeria: A Business Manual” (Sept 2014) and “UAE: A Business Manual” (Sept 2016). He frequently comments on strategic and cross-cultural issues. He is fluent in Arabic and knows some French.

Ambassador Mahesh Sachdev will be delivering a session for International Relations and Strategic Alliances (IRSA) Course at Institute of Management, Nirma University moderated by Prof Punit Saurabh . The Session is scheduled from 11.00AM to 12.30 PM on the topic “India’s relations with West Asia and Africa and Emerging Geopolitical challenges.