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Placement Process

Placement Process

Submitting your interest:

Companies interested in visiting our campus are invited to contact the Corporate Relations Office with primary details about the job profile/project work offerings and the desired student profiles. Upon receiving the company’s expression of interest, the Placement Office will initiate necessary arrangements for the Pre-Placement Talk (PPT), final selection, and promptly inform the company of the same.

Pre-placement talk (PPT):

The Pre-Placement Talk serves as a valuable platform for interaction between the recruiting company and students. During this session, the company delivers a presentation covering aspects such as its history, growth potential, future opportunities, job content, salary packages/stipends, and location. The PPT also allows the company to explore the recruitment of first-year students for summer training assignments.

Companies are encouraged to schedule their PPTs before the commencement of the placement process, providing students with the information needed to make informed decisions. Interested students submit their resumes, which are shared with the company for shortlisting. The company is then requested to provide a shortlist of candidates at least one week before the scheduled recruitment visit.

Conducting the final selection:

Companies are requested to communicate their recruitment procedures, including details on group discussions, the number of interview rounds, etc., to the Corporate Relations Office. Following the completion of the selection process, the company informs the Corporate Relations Office about the final selection of candidates in writing.

Utilizing Software for Transparency:

To enhance transparency in the recruitment process, our institute employs Superset software. This platform is used for inviting student interest and maintaining transparency throughout the placement cycle.

Batch Communication:

To build trust and maintain transparency, details shared with the Corporate Relations Office are communicated to the entire batch. This practice ensures that all students have visibility into the opportunities available, contributing to a fair and open placement process.

Our commitment to transparency, coupled with the use of advanced software, reflects our dedication to fostering trust among our students and partner companies, ultimately resulting in a successful and inclusive placement experience.