Government Agency Initiatives for Scientific Research Management with special reference to Institute/University Interface

Role of Science and Technology (S & T) based research and ensuing best practices for sustainable development and economic expansion is widely highlighted in developed countries. On the contrary, in a developing nation like India, S & T based research and effective project management towards
adopting the best practices has received insignificant attention. Impending new challenges amid growing competition between nations and slowing down of the world economy has affected the Indian economy as much as the global economy. Additionally, research led innovations has taken center-stage in many countries for greater science and technology intervention to tide over emerging problems of the society. India cannot afford to lag behind in this journey. While majority of the Scientific researches in India have taken place with the support of various government agencies, however, many private players from India and abroad have also played a major role in such resources under PPP (Private–Public- Partnership) Model.
This research will make an attempt to highlight the status of scientific research management in India as well as identify the gaps in its management in India and selected countries. The research shall also help in documenting the initiatives of selected Government agencies for scientific research management under university/institute interface. The research output shall help ISRO in effective management of social research projects.