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Centre for Continuing Education

Centre for Continuing Education


Continuing education is a lifelong learning process that meets different types of developmental needs of the industry and community. It comprises training and upgrading skills and knowledge through competency-based education. The university provides the necessary assistance in the form of infrastructure and field experts.

The Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) was established in 2012 with the objective is to educate industry professionals and community members by utilising the expertise and resources of the university. The Centre designs the courses catering to the needs of different target groups like working professionals, students, faculty members, community members, etc. Thus, enabling them to develop skills, increase employability and provide opportunities to become successful entrepreneurs. It targets executives at different management levels to expand their skill sets.

The Centre offers a wide range of courses for educational services, conducts need-based workshops, designs programmes and examinations and issues appropriate grade certificates to the participants as per the university norms.

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Dr Yogesh N Trivedi
Head (I/c), Centre for Continuing Education
Phone: 079-71652110