Safety and Security

The university pays utmost attention to the safety and security of its members. It has a well-trained and equipped security staff. The security department comprises the Chief Security Officer and security guards. Their main duty is to look after the university assets and to maintain law and order on the campus. There is a thorough checking of all vehicles coming in or going out of the campus. The vehicles coming to the university have to enter their details in registers. The security is tighter at night.

All the buildings of the university are under CCTV surveillance and they are monitored by designated officers from time to time. Notices are issued to the university community members regarding safety and security and the community members are required to abide by them.

For any assistance, contact the following people:


Krishna Gopal Shankhwar
Chief Security Officer
Phone: 079- 71652180

Rita Barot
Hostel Warden
Phone: 079- 71652250

Bharat Joshi
Hostel Warden
Phone: 079- 71652248

Rajesh B Patel
Visiting Doctor
Phone: 079- 71652222