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Adityavat-The BBA Co-curricular Committee

Adityavat is the BBA Co-Curricular Committee of Institute of Management, Nirma University. The committee aims enhancing the minds of all the students by providing a platform to experience practical application of the knowledge they gain in classrooms. Through their events, they ensure that students recognise their potential and polish their skillset for their holistic growth.

We organise diverse events to make sure students develop different skills and explore new things. The main 3 events we organise are:

AAROHAN-THE BBA CONCLAVE: We organise the annual Aarohan-The BBA Conclave which is a 2 day event where 8 speakers from different domains speak about their experience and learnings connected to the theme of the event. The students have an enriching experience listening and learning from successful entities from diverse fields like art, corporate, business and so on.

AAYAM- THE BUSINESS FEST: This year we had the maiden version of Aayam the business fest which comprised of 7 events , right from the B-Plan competition to Board room crisis. Students used their own intellect and creativity to come with new ways to deal with the situations put forward to them during the competition which enhanced their practical learning.

AV-MUN: Adityavat Model United Nations is another event that we organise which is basically an event where the students learn about diplomacy, international relations and problems faced by country in different official set ups. The students create their own opinions, represent an entity and get to interact and explore other people’s perspective. It helps in building their communication and inter- personal skills.

In addition to these, the committee also organises occasional guest lectures and Industrial Visits to build a connection between classroom learning and practical application.

The Minimalistic Marketing competition was the first event of Aavartan – The Mini Events Series. The event consisted of a marketing quiz, creation of a product, creative tagline and branding and marketing ideas. The event commenced at 7 PM, with 14 teams gearing up with great enthusiasm. After the quiz, participants were allotted to break-out rooms team wise and were given 45 minutes to come up with their product and strategy. The judges went from team to team to give their invaluable suggestions. The participants were then given 2 minutes to present their ideas in front of the judges, which was followed by a question and answer round. The judges gave their insights after each presentation and it was a great learning experience for all those who participated.

Aarohan 2020- The Annual BBA Conclave was held on the 18th-19th December organised by AdityaVat-The BBA Co-Curricular Committte. We had 9 keynote speakers from various domains like art, storytelling, entertainment, sports and corporate. On the occasion of Silver Jubilee of Nirma University, the theme was set to Anubhav- Celebrating experiences. There were 500+ audience for each session and the students got the chance to interact with all the speakers about their enriching experiences.

Akshar – The Experts Lecture Series of BBA, is an initiative to bring the letters in the books into the realm of the actual world and enlighten the students with the experiences of experts of diverse fields. The guest, Mr. Anand Bhavnani, is the Assistant Vice President of Unifi Capital Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Anand gave great insights about the Indian financial market, different aspects of behavioral finance and the Indian stock market sentiments and theories. His insights provided students with the knowledge of the stock market in a much more practical sense. The session was followed by a fruitful Q&A round which allowed the students to settle their curiosity and understand the topic better.

“Akshar- The Expert Lecture Series” is an initiative by Adityavat – The BBA Co-curricular Committee along with the Placement Committee as a part of silver jubilee celebrations. This is a platform where in incredible speakers share their experiences with the students and enlighten them with their wonderful words. For the 2nd session of AKSHAR, we were glad to witness the presence of Ms. Aarti Savur. Ms. Aarti Savur is the CEO of Parisar Asha, a passionate educationalist, and a motivational speaker. She shed light on the topic of Social Entrepreneurship and talked about her life-changing instances. Her words truly inspired the students and encouraged them to play their part in societal well being.