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Imprintz – The HR Club of IMNU

About the club:

An Adobe of Human Understanding

“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t have to.” – Sir Richard Branson

At Imprintz we celebrate Human relationships. The responsibility of designing and conducting events, equip students with qualities that any management candidate shall possess.

We seek to provide valuable insights in the field of HRM and to give an overview of how is it perceived. We attempt to bring a fresh perspective on HR issues and challenges the business world faces today.

We organise events which help students in inculcating team spirit, leadership and forming an all-round personality from organizational perspective.


Utkrishta – The Management Conclave of IMNU

Kshitij – The Alumni talk show

PaintBall – An event for team building

Rasprava – A national level case study competition

Ingenium – An event for team building that encourages coordination, bonding and sharing of knowledge

Final Fray – An event which tests leadership, analytical and decision making skills of team members.

Rasprava was an inquisitive and exciting three round event in which teams participated to compete over their knowledge about issues related to human resource management. It encouraged participants to look beyond their textual knowledge and enhance their exemplary knowledge on various disciplines and their applications. It acted as the interface between the participants and the corporate world, to imbibe and strengthen people management and leadership competencies. Participants were expected to display their ingenuity, analytical ability and knowledge. With every round it provided an opportunity to develop capabilities, stress-test plans, coordination and communication, and preview real-time response capabilities of the participants.

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Ingenium was conducted in three rounds, the event encouraged the participants to look beyond their textual understanding and also tested the participants for their knowledge in the HR domain. The objective of round 1 was to encourage participants to look beyond their textual knowledge and enhance their exemplary knowledge on various disciplines and their applications. Round 2 was a road map game. Round 3 was a crisis management simulation that provides an opportunity to develop capabilities, stress-test plans, evaluate coordination and communication, and preview real-time response capabilities.

“Ingenium” was organised on 23rd October 2018. The total participants were 75(25 teams of 3 members). The event had three rounds which tested communication, team work and coordination skills of the team members. The first round was question & answer round, where in each team was given a set of 4 question sheets. The second round tested communication and coordination skills of the teams. Third round tested team work, focus and patience level of team members performing the tasks.


The HR-club of IMNU organised KSHITIJ, a talk show on 26th October 2018 where speakers from the field of HR talked about immense possibilities in the HR domain. The speakers were:-

  • Mrs Shiba kaue(TCS)
  • Mr. Yash Rathi(The HR at ford motor company)
  • Ms. Devanshi Raichura(HRBP at torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd.)
  • Mr. Jitendra Lakhwani (Co- founder, Mantras2succes)

The speakers motivated the students to always have a thirst for knowledge. They talked about how a budding HR manager can develop his skills and competencies.

The talk show cleared many misconceptions and doubts that cloud the students mind. It displayed a realistic picture of the industry.


Event Background

Human Resource Management has undergone a lot of changes in its structure and the way it is studied. Case study and simulation round in Rasprava has enabled the participants to understand the role of newly minted HR managers and various new HR concepts. It enables the students to apply their theoretical knowledge on real cases and decision making skills enable them to consider various aspects when dealing with critical situations.

Event Report

Rasprava is an annual national level event which is organised under Perspective Richter 10 [held on December 6-7, 2018]. First round of the event was off campus online event where in students from various colleges across the country participated. 320 students i.e. 80 teams registered and participated in this round. Based on their scores, top 11 teams were selected to go further in second and third round.

Second round was a simulation round wherein certain excerpts from the case were enacted by the club members, each of them acting as a particular character from the case. Participants were given a pool of personalities from which they had to identify one personality trait of the character portrayed through enactment. After every enactment ten minutes were given to the participants to discuss among their team members to write down their answer.

The Final farewell event for the seniors [held on March 7, 2019], one last time before saying Goodbye! The event had four rounds and each round tested the leadership, analytical, decision making skills of the members of a team. Teams of two having one senior and one junior were invited to register for the event.

All the teams had to go through four activities. First activity was called ‘Heads Up’, wherein any one member of the team would be given placards with some words written on it, and he/she would hold it upside down, pick it up one by one and place it on his/her forehead such that he doesn’t sees what is written on it. The other one would be standing in front of him and try to enact it out so that the one holding the placard is able to guess the word right. Fifteen placards were given to each team and the one team which took the least time with maximum right guess were declared winner for the activity.

The second activity was called ‘Unblock Me’ where in one team member was blind folded and other one would guide him/her to solve the puzzle. The puzzle was made from Jenga blocks and was arranged in a particular order. The person who is blind folded will move the blocks either horizontally or vertically, and the other person will guide him/her to solve the puzzle. The team which took lowest time to solve the puzzle was declared winners of the activity.

The third activity was called ‘Three Legged Race’, here one leg of both the team members was tied to one another and they had to cross a path. The team which took the least amount of time to cross the path without a single foul was declared winner of the activity

The last activity was called ‘Catch the Ball’; one of the team members was required throw a limited number of balls to his/her partner who was required to catch it by using a cup. They were required to stand on either ends of a table and the person throwing the ball should made the ball bounce at once every time he throws it towards his/her partner. The team which was able catch maximum balls was declared winner.

Teams weren’t required to attempt activity in particular chronology. The team which attempted all the four activity and won the most was declared winner of the event. Harsh Rawal & Mohit Porwal from The Cultural Committee won three out of four activities was declared winner of Final Fray.

Utkrishta 2019, the management conclave of Institute of management, NIRMA University was organised by five domain clubs of IMNU. The involved domain clubs were:

  1. Imprintz- the HR club
  2. Optimus- the Operations club
  3. Niche- the Marketing Club
  4. Finesse- the Finance club
  5. Clique- the IT club.

It was a two day event which commenced at 9.30 am on 30th August with the theme “managing Organisations in the Era of Transformations. The two day conclave was divided into four plenary sessions. Imprintz, the HR club of IMNU invited three dignitaries from the HR domain. These speakers were Shree Avinash C Chaturvedi, Ms. Ragini Rao and Mr. Himanshu Periwal.