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KARWAAN – The Public Speaking Club of IMNU

KARWAAN – The Public Speaking Club of IMNU

About the club:

If you have a thought but no voice, what good is the thought?

If you have a voice but little thought, it’s merely noise. KARWAAN being the Public Speaking club of IMNU was formed, looking at the rising need for any individual to polish their communication and public speaking standard. Be it a board meeting presentation, be it an interview, be it group discussion or even as simple as having the push to speak up in the classroom, we at KARWAAN provide the students with the Stage to voice their thoughts and creative events and competitions to make them have a solid thought behind their Voice.

Major Events: Chakravyuh, Dwand, Clash of Clans, Udaan, Jaw Dance, Aawahan

CHAKRAVYUH is the inter-institute event of Karwaan – The Public Speaking Club of IMNU. This event is aimed at increasing the participant’s exposure to various aspects of a given topic. We want to enhance their public speaking experience and help them step out of their comfort zones of speaking in front of their institute. This event is spread across three rounds. The first round is focused on the election campaign and the participants have to defend their institute. The second round is speech cum turn coat. The third round is speech cum panel interview.

As organised by Karwaan, Dwand was the debate competition. It was genre of public speaking in which one is required to collect the information, scrutinize the same and establish the position in a subtle way. Each team consists of 3 members. The extremes of the situations are allotted to both the teams through a draw. The teams were required to present the introduction for their respective allotted topics for 3 minutes. After giving the fair introduction, the session of cross questioning begins for 6 minutes. The team members put their notions on the table and debate the convictions of the contrary team members. After the debate, the teams were asked to conclude their parts. In order to not let any surface of information uncovered, the extremely perspicacious judges asked questions to the team and shared their canny outlook to the situation.

Another initiative of Karwaan, Battle O Best introduced another genre of public speaking. The event held a competition among the vivid clubs and committees of IMNU. It consisted of 2 rounds. In round 1, the 2 teams compete against each other. The teams were asked to develop a story with sentences beginning in alphabetical order. The team that reached maximum alphabets, won the round. In the final round, the wheel was spined and teams were asked to develop a story based on the 5 words appeared on the wheel. The event tests the coordination among the teams and the level of creativity of the team members. It was also the first event to bring the diverse clubs and committees on the floor. It promoted that every club and committee of IMNU is unique in its own way. This diversity instils the sentiments of unity.

The second edition of Nirmatalks was conducted in the month of January by Karwaan. Aimed at improving the public speaking skills informally yet boosting confidence through the official channels and in front of real people made Nirmatalks a success with an increase in the number of participants over the episodes. Nirmatalks was conducted once every week and gave a refreshing and informative session all the while helping the introverts turn on their microphones and speaking up. Nirmatalks was basically a talk show event where for every speaker there was an evaluator. A theme for every episode of Nirmatalks was predefined and conveyed to the participants. The speaker was given 3 minutes of time and a word on the basis of which he/she would be evaluated by another participant (evaluator). If the speech finished in time a green signal was given, if the time taken for the speech was before the time limit then a yellow card and if the time taken exceeded 3 minutes then a red card was shown by a moderator. This helped in prioritising the points to be spoken and also the elaboration of certain points too. There were 3 speakers and 3 evaluators in every edition with 3 or more impromptu speakers too from the audience. The platform of Nirmatalks was appreciated by various participants and was a major success.

Open Mic @ Sundown was an open mic event organized on September 12, 2019 outside H1 hostel. Around 40 students participated in activities such as story-telling, shayari, poetry, mimicry and singing and showcased their talent. The average footfall at the event was around 75-80.

DWAND was a debate competition which was organized in English and Hindi on August 5-6, 2019 respectively at I.P.N.U auditorium. The participants were the management students wherein the footfall was about 150 and it was a two-day event. It was conducted in 3 round process where the first round was about extempore, second and third being the debate (in a twisted form).

Before the main program we organized a pre-event where every student was invited to take part to solve riddles in return of exciting gifts and goodies.

The First Inter club event CLASH OF CLANS was organized by Karwaan: the public speaking club of IMNU on 27th February? 19. It was battle between all the clubs of IMNU in which 3 participants from each club represented their club. Total number of participants were 42.

There were three rounds. First one being the story telling in which one phrase and picture was given to each team. They had to begin the story with phrase and end it by depicting the picture. In second round, they had to speek about the importance of their club and their domain. In third round, all the teams had to debate on the topics given to them and prove their stance by being in favor or against the topic.

The judging was on the basis of content, confidence and the way of delivery. All the teams performed extremely well. The cumulative scores were calculated and Niche  The marketing club of IMNU was awarded as the winner of Clash of Clans.

Aawahan was an event which was designed with the most creative forms of public speaking. There were three rounds in this event. Two on the first day that is December 5, 2018 and the last round on the second day that is December 6, 2018.

The first round was a ‘Turn Coat’ round. One member from each team participated in this round. The turn coat was held between two teams at one time. This means two people, one from each team. They would be given a contradicting topics/characters/ ideas to talk about. Say team A speaks on topic 1 then team B will speak on topic 2 in which they can counter attack on team A. Then after a short pause team B will speak on topic 1 and then team A will speak on topic 2. In this team A can counter attack on team B.

The second round was a GD Mash UP. This was a modified form of a group discussion. Teams were provided with a common main topic and individual sub-topics. They had to link the main topic with their individual sub-topic as well as stay in sync with other teams’ sub-topics.

The third round was the Journalism: Press conference. In this round each team with all 3 participants represented one particular organization/political party/company. The team was questioned and cross-questioned by the judges and they had to defend the organization that was assigned to them with appropriate justifications, facts and figures.

The first inter institute event was organised by Karwaan : The public speaking club of IMNU on  October 23-24, 2018 CHAKRAVYUH. It was a war between 7 institutes of Nirma University and a wildcard which included the best 5 speakers of one particular institute as their representatives.

Total number of students participated were 40. The first round was an election campaign round where every institute had to come over and talk about their institute proving why they are better than others.

The second round was speech cum turn coat where in the students were provided with the topics a day before and they had to speak about it for a particular time and as soon as judges feel that the team is proving any stance the judges would turn the coat and then the team spoke against the same motion.

The third round was speech cum panel interview in which 2 members from each institute spoke about the motion for 5 minutes and then for 3 minutes they had to answer the questions asked by the other institute. The judging was on the basis of content, quality of questions asked and correctness of answer.

The cumulative scores were calculated and Institute of Law was awarded as the winners followed by Institute of Architecture and Planning.