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Spinshot is the Photography and Film-Making Club of the BBA Programme. The Club inspires others to curtail this hobby and enables people who are passionate about photography to enhance their skills.  The Club aspires to help each and every club member to reach their best potential and continue enjoying their hobby in a way which improves their team-work, interpersonal relationship also managerial skills.

Apart from events involving students we also conducted activities that were done by the team members in the interests of the university students. We started an online magazine called SpinMag that provides people with material to learn photography, every new blog covers different areas of photography and videography.

Tips and Tricks is a unique series of posts on various topics that give a step by step guide on creating or using something about photography from scratch.

Other online activities that the club does are Sunday Snaps and Tuesday Tutorials that showcase the talent of members of the club. All these series are done under an umbrella project Photography 101 by team Spinshot.

Taking a picture, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.

Quarantine through your lens was an opportunity where people could showcase their indoor photography skills and creativity through at home objects and make their lockdown memorable. All images submitted were featured on our social media pages giving them a free platform to showcase their creativity.

Let your words be few and your exposure to many Shutterbugs is a part of BBA’s flagship event Genesis. A competition to learn and enjoy photography. Participants are given various combinations to choose from or take images according to the question chosen, submissions are then judged according to various technicalities.

You don’t take a photograph, you make it.
Exposure to the workshop series helps you understand photography and how
you can transform a simple photograph into one that stands out. We revamped
the old Exposure Workshop and successfully organized the first workshop on the
Basics of Photography, based on suggestions we had our second workshop on
post-processing images in different editing software.