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Students’ Welfare Committee

Students’ Welfare Committee

About the Committee:

The Students’ Welfare Committee is the head of all student extra-curricular and co-curricular activities on the campus. It acts as an interface between the Institute’s administration and the students to sort out matters concerning student welfare. The Student Welfare Committee is responsible for developing, reviewing, and evaluating plans and setting directions for student affairs in accordance with the vision, mission and strategic plan of the institute.

We not even handle clubs and committees but also have fun by organising events.

An online competition that was spreaded over one month. A team or an individual can participate in the event by posting a video or a poster on the topic Life@IMNU. He can be creative. But only creativity won?t make him win, he also needs to gather maximum likes and comments on the poster or video he has made.

These posters and videos were judged on various criteria and equal weight age was given to faculties to rate all of them. On the basis of results of faculties an average was taken and participants were awarded in closing ceremony which was also organised by Students’ Welfare Committee.

It was a one day National event in which workshops on Digital Marketing and Capital Markets were conducted along with a cultural event for undergraduate students coming from various places.

The main objective of this event was to provide a glimpse of the life of an MBA student life to the undergraduate students.

The cultural event was conducted in IMNU Auditorium. The following topics were covered during the workshops:

  • Digital marketing
  • Capital markets

The event was concluded by a vote of thanks and presenting the memento to the guest speaker.

Life Size 1.0 was the fun event organised on 07th September 2018 at Multi-Activity hall of the SAC Area. It consisted of various games spread across three rounds. The first round was Dutch Blitz in which the participants had to create a five-alphabet word from the given 10 alphabets. The second round was Stick Game where the participants had to remove the sticks from the randomly thrown stack without disturbing the other sticks. The last and final round was Human Chess in which two teams competed against each other to pick up the hampers. The event had multiple winners as every team got the hamper in last round. The event lasted for three hours from 5:30-8:30 in evening. It was a fun event enjoyed by the participants and was conducted smoothly.

FESTEMBER was the fun event organised by student welfare committee on 3rd August 2018. It was the event consisting three rounds. The first round that was “Binge Eating” was conducted in SAC Area of the university. The second round “Match Your Catch” followed by the third and final round “Read the Lips” were conducted in the back lawn. The event lasted for three hours from 5:30-8:30 in evening. The top three teams were awarded with different set of prizes

Amazon voucher worth Rs. 2000 and free dinner voucher were presented to the winner team NuWines. The first runner up team got free dinner voucher and Amazon voucher worth Rs. 1000 and the second runner up team got free dinner voucher and voucher worth 500 of Hot Plate. And all the participants were awarded with different kind of vouchers. It was a fun event enjoyed by the participants and was conducted smoothly.

Closing Ceremony was a farewell organised by student welfare committee on March 20, 2019. It was a farewell to bid adieu to batch 2017-19 by the junior batch 2018-20. All the club committee juniors presented a certificate and a memento to their respective committee seniors for their dedicated towards the committee. Moreover, executive dinner was organised in the K-Block for everyone who attended the event in the auditorium.

This ceremony marked the end of all the events taking place at IMNU for the 2018-19 term. An open mic was arranged wherein students recited poetry and a stand up comedy act followed. The results of the much awaited Poster Making competition as well as the Video Making competition, with the theme ?Life@IMNU?, were announced.

Until last year, no formal event was organised as farewell in the college, but SWC took the initiative for organising a formal farewell this year, in order to appreciate the hard work of all the seniors. The whole batch enjoyed the event and the senior batch was delighted on receiving this appreciation.