Anveshan: Unlocking Rural India

Event Date: April 16, 2021
The event was organised as a part of the Silver Jubilee celebrations of the Institute of Management, Nirma University. It was a competition based on designing a new product or service for the rural Indian consumers and was named Anveshan: Unlocking Rural India. The total prizes for the competition were ₹11000, which were to be given to the winner (Rs 6,000), first runners-up (Rs3,000) and second runner up (Rs 2,000). The competition was open to all post-graduate (all programmes of IMNU) and DPM students. 


Anveshan was a team-based competition (team size 2-6), and registrations were invited on a Google Form. Each team had to submit a suitable business model for their product/service and supposed to analyse and prepare a presentation & report on various parameters associated with the product/service, including Needs Gap Analysis, Proposed STP, 4Ps/7Ps of Marketing, Product Lifecycle and Competition & Feasibility Analysis. The submission date was April 16, 2021.

13 Teams participated in the event and evaluation was done by three judges (two external and one internal) on the prescribed criteria. Team 3 with Harsh Rai, Prachi Garg, Yash Surana, Ashish Narwani and Mamta Sarawogi as members was declared the winning team. Their topic of the project was Jeevan Prastav Samuh. Team 7 with Dableena Mazumdar, Sukrit Agarwal, Abhilash Dhote, Aishwarya Boragaonkar and Shalini Miharia was first runner-up with the Topic Easy Wash. The second runner-up had Roopma Sodhani, Omkar Khadekar, Divya Punjabi, Arya Dhamorikar, Prerna Samtani and Rahul Upadhya as members and the title of their project was Education Digi JOD. The announcement of results was done on all social media platforms on June 5, 2021.