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Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.

By Spinshot
The BBA photography and film-making club

Photography can be considered as a language which wields the power of visuals and realism rather than words. Photography is more than clicking pictures. From exploiting visual perceptions and expressing emotions to preserving memories, photography is a story to tell. The world of photography is filled with adventure, fun, stories and events. A photographer has the ability to see beyond the beauty of the subject and capture it. Be it breathtaking view of nature or crisp images of the city, photographs have always managed to evoke the emotions within.

To spread the word and help people learn and experience, Spinshot aims to make photography a fun hobby. The club aims to help members to learn more about photography and provide them with practical experience of team work and interpersonal relationship. Also acting as a catalyst for all clubs and committees in IMNU, Institute of Management, Nirma University, Spinshot actively hosts events and workshops. Spinshot members are people who are passionate about photography and want to take it a step ahead. We believe in capturing the moments and treasure them in the long run. Nothing can keep memories safe then capturing them.

We want people who are passionate about learning and exploring. Starting from basics and help budding photographers grow, the club conducts workshops regarding the same.  A workshop series named Exposure, was started by Spinshot to give students an insight into the world of photography and help them learn from scratch. Participants were given an exposure and clarity about various terminology relating to basics of photography such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. In this way, every person gets an opportunity to explore and build a base in this field. Further, the pandemic did not stop the club. A newly revamped workshop series, ?Exposure 2.0?, was initiated online where students get a hands down demonstration on editing through online modes. The club keeps itself updated with the dynamic environment and continues to hosts events to give every student an opportunity to learn and show their talents.



We get an opportunity to work on our skills which we only had as a hobby, but after joining Spinshot, the journey from being an amateur to a photographer from covering various events, attending various workshops and obviously learning from the photographers around us, we never stopped improving our skills. This is when we got into photography more intent and purposefully.




All of us have a photographer inside us, whenever we find a scenery, our first reaction is to click a picture. We come up with different settings and angles to get the best shot which satisfies us and makes the picture worth remembering. Photography requires passion and patience. These qualities are most important in the life of a photographer. We learnt this at Spinshot, when we cover events we have to wait for that perfect picture of the event which can do justice to the description of the entire event. Working for long hours without breaks requires passion for photography. We are a groups of people who are passionate about learning new things and exploring the new forms. This made us feel passionate about photography.