Miti Shah

When I first came to this campus, I felt a sense of paranoia, nervousness and scepticism. Moving to a different city, staying away from home, and changing my entire routine would be one big task. Having to deal with so many changes, one tends to get scared. However, I chose to go with the flow. Icebreaking activities conducted in the first week made me realize that everyone was as anxious as was. And it was then that we bonded and began to settle in. Soon, the routine started to become hectic, but the spirit never faded. Nights became longer, work became harder but the fun never faded. This is the beauty of a residential program. Committee meetings, late night Maggi gatherings, movie nights, assignment nights are some things I enjoyed the most. I always found helping hands around me, and my seniors were especially supportive. I never felt homesick. I felt like I had a family right here. They were always there for me when I needed them. Being a team player, speaking up and showing up were the main things that I learnt here. We don’t realize the importance of these little things until we experience them. Summing up, IMNU is the place to be if one wants to experience it all. Beautiful campus, amazing food, great faculty, lovely batchmates and probably the most helpful seniors – there’s nothing more one could ask for. I feel blessed to be a part of it!