The Director



Subir Verma

Director, Institute of Management and Dean, Faculty of Management

Nirma University

E-mail :

Ph. 07971652601

Director’s Message

It is a great honour to be the Director of Institute of Management, Nirma University in its Silver Jubilee Year. Great Institutions are known for their contribution to the society and Nation. The vison of the Institute is “Shaping a better future for mankind for developing effective and socially responsible individuals and organizations” For the last 25 years, the Institute has distinguished itself by preparing and training students not only to be brilliant professionals and leaders but also inculcating in them the stellar virtues of good citizens committed to organizational, social and national development. Today, it is recognized as a globally reputed Institute for (1) creation and dissemination of knowledge; (2) ensuring lifelong learning; (3) grooming managers and leaders by equipping them with continuously employable skills; and (4) providing solutions for the betterment of organizations and society.

At the Institute of Management, Nirma University we have always strived to create and enhance value for our stakeholders—students, corporates, faculty and community alike. The value created by the Institute has been constantly imbricated by the ever-evolving landscape of business. It has been at the forefront in curating new and innovative programmes such as pioneering the Five-Year Integrated BBA-MBA, the futuristic Five- Year Integrated B Tech (CSC)-MBA programme manifesting the current complementarity of Technology and Management, and the MBA (Family Business and Entrepreneurship) programme synchronizing with country’s thrust on Make in India and Self Reliance. The institute has also re-oriented the traditional MBA programme with specializations in Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Information Management, Operations Management, International Business and Business Analytics to better meet the imperatives of the paradigm shift, caused by globalization, data, technology and innovation amidst the post-pandemic new normal, with regard to work, workplace and the workforce. The recent introduction of MBA (HRM) is geared towards providing ethically and socially conscientious graduates equipped with competencies to manage and lead not only the HR function, but, more importantly, business. The institute also has a well-regarded Doctoral Programme in Management for potential faculty and consultants. The Executive Development Programme for working executives spread over 33 Sundays delivered online with one week of on-campus immersion have been specially curated for the aspiring managers all across the world.

The key differentiator of the Institute is not just the modern and progressive curriculum or even the galaxy of leading faculty drawn from the very best of the educational institutions of India and abroad. Instead, it is the emphasis on knowledge, not just as a mastery, but, as a tool for puzzle and problem solving. This it seeks to bring about through a combination of the traditional didactic methods of lectures with problem based experiential learning to create a fulfilling mosaic of learning—methods, formats, experiences.

Most of the student related activities are managed by the students themselves through committees and clubs in an atmosphere of voluntarism and participation. From the very beginning, students are impressed upon the need to be open to personalization.  At one end, personalization is at the level of enhancing understanding of one’s mind and soul alongwith their complementarities in the development of the Self, and at the other end, it is in choosing a portfolio of electives in tune with ones’ chosen career area

Our vision is founded on the touchstones of co-evolving with the environment, stakeholder centricity, collaboration, co-creation and above all strategic and entrepreneurial leadership. The institute has always believed that this vision can be realized only with the active and vigorous partnership with the users of our outcomes: students, faculty, executives, corporates and the government.

Welcome to the Institute of Management, Nirma University.

Dr. Subir Verma