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Integrated BBA – MBA Programme

Integrated BBA – MBA Programme

The Integrated BBA-MBA programme is a comprehensive and diverse program designed to meet the specific needs and professional goals of millennials in the field of business education. The program takes a multi-disciplinary, social, and holistic approach to impart essential management concepts and business skills. It equips graduates with proficiency in management language and grammar, expertise in their chosen specialization, and skills in using data and digital technology for business. The Institute of Management at Nirma University provides a distinctive option for acquiring an MBA degree, which differs from the usual approach that entails completing a Bachelor’s degree and passing a National-level admission test for an MBA programme. The approach involves a uniquely designed Integrated BBA-MBA programme, which commences after class XII and extends over five years. The program emphasizes management education based on liberal arts and provides real-world business experience through multiple internships. It uses English as the medium of instruction and offers a longer duration to enhance personality development and character building.

The medium of instruction for the programme is English.

The programme’s high value is due to its salient features, recognized by corporates and higher education institutions in India and abroad. The unique features of the programme are:

  • Students have the option to exit with a BBA degree after the first three years or obtain two separate degrees upon completion of the five-year Integrated BBA-MBA Programme.
  • The programme offers credit-based internships during the BBA and MBA phases, electives for specialization in Term 1 of the MBA phase, and an innovative and active learning approach.
  • The programme is integrated with industry for internships and projects besides offering value-added courses for personality development and mentoring.

These features ensure students have a strong management foundation, advanced skills, and a commitment to lifelong learning.

  • To establish leadership credentials.
  • To apply managerial concepts, skills, tools & techniques for solving organisational problems.
  • To be able to demonstrate and continuously enhance their entrepreneurial & intrapreneurial skills.
  • To be a socially responsible individual.

After going through the programme, the student should be able to:

  • Evaluate different business issues using an integrative approach
  • Communicate effectively in different contexts
  • Demonstrate leadership, teamwork, and social skills
  • Analyze business environment for effective decision making
  • Use relevant conceptual frame works and best management practices
  • Develop functional and general management skills
  • Develop global orientation
  • Demonstrate creativity, risk-taking ability and cope with ambiguity

Undergraduate (BBA) Phase: After undergoing this programme, the student shall be able to:

  • Utilize communication skills effectively in different contexts.
  • Develop an integrative approach to analyze business issues.
  • Apply cross-functional managerial skills.
  • Examine business scenarios for effective decision making
  • Illustrate leadership, teamwork, and social skills.
  • Develop global orientation.
  • Demonstrate an ethical and socially responsible behaviour.
  • Engaged
  • Empowered
  • Ethical
  • Entrepreneurial

Integrated BBA – MBA
BBA Phase: Three Years

Duration of the Overall Programme : 3 Years
Duration of a Semester : 16-17 Weeks (Approximately)
One Credit Hour : 15 hours of classroom contact hours
(15 Sessions of 60 minutes each)
Credits Requirements : 120
No. of Semester : 6 Semesters
Total Contact Hours : 1800 hrs. (120 x 15)
Internship(s) : First Year  3 weeks
Second Year  4 weeks
Third Year  8 weeks
Programme Structure : First Year   39 Credits
Second Year   39 Credits
Third Year   42 Credits

MBA Phase: Two Years

Duration of the Programme : 2 Years
Duration of a Term : 11-12 Weeks (approximately)
One Credit Hour : 10 hours of classroom contact hours
(10 Sessions of 60 minutes each)
Credits Requirements : 108 Credit
No. of Terms : 6 Terms
Total Contact Hours : 1080 (108*10)
Internship Project : 18-20 weeks in Term III
Programme Structure : First Year   60 credits
· Core Courses : 09 credits
· Electives Courses : 33 credits
· Internship Project: 18 Credits
Second Year  48 credits
· Elective Courses : 48 credits
Specializations Areas : · Marketing
· Finance
· Operations Management
· Digital Transformation and Analytics (DnA)
· International Business (Only Minor Specialization)
Specialization Option


: A Student may opt for either of the following:
Specialization in one area as Major, OR
Specialization in one Area as Major; and Minor in another, OR
No specialization at all
Major : At least 30 credit hours of electives in an area of Specialization
Minor : At least 21 credit hours of electives in an area of Specialization


Faculty members at the Institute of Management, Nirma University use a variety of pedagogical tools as part of their teaching-learning process. These include:

  • Case studies
  • Simulation
  • Flipped Classroom
  • Role plays
  • Group Discussion
  • Games
  • Field projects
  • Research Projects
  • Online Learning
  • Workshops and Training Sessions
  • Tutorials

Additionally, each course includes interactions with industry thought leaders that augment the classroom experience. Faculty members also maintain an active discussion with students through with students through the Learning Management System (LMS) and course blogs.