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MBA (Family Business & Entrepreneurship)

MBA (Family Business & Entrepreneurship)

MBA in Family Business & Entrepreneurship programme is designed for next generation family business owners striving to grow their business and aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to create value, generate employment and wealth. The curriculum provides exposure to students with respect to significant facets and intricate nuances of family business management. In line with start-up India movement, the programme also nurtures young students with required skills and knowledge and enabling eco-system. The programme consists of a perfect blend of classroom teaching, case studies and experiential learning pedagogies like role play, simulations and field-based courses. The field courses involving summer internship for budding entrepreneurs, domestic and international industrial visits, and business plan provide students with hands-on experience to visualize disruptive business models, develop winning strategy and pioneer innovative start-ups.

The programme aims at:

  • Preparing students to successfully scale and grow their family business in the vortex of continuously changing landscape of business
  • Making students learn the facets and nuances of family business
  • Nurturing entrepreneurial abilities in students
  • Providing wherewithal to entrepreneurs seeking to launch start-ups

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This Programme is targeted towards two distinct audiences:

  • Young graduates with or without family business but who exhibit entrepreneurial ambitions, and
  • The next generation of Family Business Owners.

Distinctive Features:

  • Programme specifically designed for next family business owners as well as aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Field courses that provide students with hands-on experience to understand competitive strategies and business models
  • Offers specialisation in family business or entrepreneurship
  • To become an effective family business owner – manager.
  • To be able to demonstrate their entrepreneurial skills.
  • To apply managerial concepts, skills, tools & techniques for solving organisational problems.
  • To be a socially-responsible business person.

After going through the programme, the students should be able to:

  • Learn how to align vision and mission of the family business with the business processes
  • Understand significance of succession planning for family owned business
  • Make optimum utilisation of available resources
  • Develop global orientation
  • Make effective and efficient business decisions
  • Fostering creative environment
  • Demonstrate abilities for risk taking and coping with ambiguity
  • Evaluate different business issues using an integrated approach
  • Use relevant conceptual frameworks and best practices
  • Develop functional and business management skills
  • Act as socially responsible businessperson
  • Develop ethical thinking and actions
  • Engaged
  • Empowered
  • Ethical
  • Entrepreneurial
Duration of the Programme : 2 Years
Duration of a Term : 11-12 Weeks (approximately)
One Credit Hour : 10 hours of classroom contact hours
(10 Sessions of 60 minutes each)
Credits Requirements : 108 Credit
No. of Terms : 6 Terms
Total Contact Hours : 1080 (108*10)
Summer Internship : 8-10 Weeks duration compulsory for Entrepreneurship specialization
Field Courses : (1) Business Plan (Compulsory course)  3.0 credits
(2) Industrial Orientation/Visit (Compulsory course)  3.0 credits
Programme Structure : First Year  57 credits
· Core Courses : 57 credits
Second Year  51 credits
· Field Courses : 6.0 credits
· Elective Courses : 45 credits
Areas of Specializations : (1) Family Business Management
(2) Entrepreneurship
Specialization : At least 24 credits of electives in a Specialization

  • Lectures
  • Case Study
  • Projects
  • Role Plays
  • Simulations
  • Syndicate discussions
  • Field work