• India has witnessed tremendous increase in the new retail formats in apparel stores sector, in the last decade. Big
  • In today’s competitive world, individuals set higher expectation levels leading to a stressful life. In order to achieve these
  • The notion of ‘Transcendence’ has been frequently cited in MSR (Management, Spirituality, and Religion) literature. Authors have contended the
  • Cyclicality of fiscal policy indicates whether the government’s revenues and expenditures move in the same direction or in the
  • When was the last time you did something genuinely out of interest that you didn’t feel obligated to do?
  • When it came to a discussion with a friend about what is the actual, veritable, effective role that Social
  • System’, ‘Structure’, ‘Process’ – these familiar concepts were oft repeated in the class across courses. Unfortunately, one leaves the
  • Indo-U.S. relations have been the subject of interest for many policy analysts and with the emergence of an economic
  • Analytics is a technology facilitating business, psychology, living standard, etc. But how does it work and what makes it
  • During my MBA course and more than 8 years after it even today, I heard and still keep hearing

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